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Sports unite, create friendships and togetherness. It's a great way to keep in shape while having fun with a team. South Jersey Boys Box Lacrosse League is always looking for new members to join and become active members of our league. To learn more, please  mail us at  

Schedule for the week of November 1

This week's schedule: 


for Saturday U13 @ ISC MT LAUREL

7:00 AM Moorestown vs Seneca

8:00 AM Haddonfield vs Cinnaminson 

9:00 AM Shamrocks vs Mt Laurel


JV High School Saturday Night @  ISC Cherry Hill

8:30 PM Haddonfield vs Eastern

9:30 PM Holy Cross vs" The Thunder"


U15 Saturday Night @  ISC Mt Laurel

8:30 Haddonfield vs Cinnaminson 

9:30 "The Ligthening"  vs " Enigma "



SJBBLL Trips to Baltimore and Canada

SJBBLL Parents and Players,

      Our league is about opportunities for the players of South Jersey.  We have one for every age group this Winter.  U13 we need a team to go down to Baltimore for an exhibition game around the US Lacrosse Convention the weekend of January 23-25, we are looking to bring a team of 20 the cost is NOTHING.  U15 & JV High School our friend Chad Fairfoul from Paragon Phoenix (Montréal, Quebec) is hosting a tournament via the NLL.  The cost again is NOTHING (Tournament and watching a Professional Game).  We hosted Chad and his program last winter and now he is returning the favor.  Details are below.  Passport not required for youth players, please read bottom of email.  Any interested people please contact me a If you do not have a passport but would like this experience for your son, maybe we can get a charter bus. Again 20 players per team.

      What is a League? Google answer:  "a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation."  We are South Jersey Boys Box Lacrosse League, Thank you for being apart of us



SJBBLL Winter Session 1

Videos From the Paragon Phoenix weekend 2/22 & 2/23/14

Box Lacrosse Gaining Popularity in the State of Hockey

"The handful of Minnesota Swarm players taking part in Wednesday's small practice session were a bit late to arrive, but the four Canadians had a good reason: they had to watch the second period of Canada's hockey game against Latvia in the Sochi Olympics.

Even among these professional lacrosse players, hockey still runs in their blood.

In a country where hockey dominates, lacrosse is a close second in Canada. Most kids who play hockey in the winter will make the transition to lacrosse in the summer after the hockey season is done. Now, the State of Hockey is seeing a similar trend as lacrosse is becoming a more popular sport.

Thanks in part to the Swarm's involvement in spreading the game, more and more Minnesotans are playing box -- or indoor -- lacrosse. It's the preferred version of the sport in Canada, and an increasing number of youth in Minnesota are making the transition from field lacrosse to box lacrosse."


Read more of the article here


Skills of box lacrosse as vital for success in world of NCAA lacrosse

“American field players would really help themselves if they were exposed to a steady stream of box experience.” – University of Virginia Head Coach, Dom Starsia


Even though field lacrosse purists continue to try, there’s no denying the impact of box lacrosse on the landscape of the sport as a whole. Box lacrosse players are consistently being recruited to play at the highest levels of collegiate field lacrosse, and with good reason. Box players bring a different skill set to the field game with superior stick skills, scoring ability and toughness.


Read more of the Article Here

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