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South Jersey Boys Box Lacrosse League is BOX lacrosse.   I started this league because I felt my players were not developing in the modified games offered in the off season. I wanted to do more for my players, and the players of South Jersey than just" keeping a stick in their hands".  I feel the "watered" down versions of field and box are not helping the lacrosse community as a whole.  What skills are our sons obtaining from modified games? If you can honestly say that your son has improved by playing modified games, then you don't need Box.  However if you do the same thing every winter and are left disappointed, then you should try something new!  This website (this league) is about making players better! Please read the testimonials,  the articles, and the board of advisors.   Watch one of our games provided by Access Lacrosse.   Play box lacrosse in the off season, thank us in the spring.


Coach Kurt Loescher 

U 11 Times and Dates for Winter 2015


U 11 Schedule / Format
20 minute "Warm up / Clinic" and then a 40 minute "Sticks in" Game
Location  -  ISC Mt Laurel NJ     6 PM    Starting January 8 th thru  March 5th
 ( Except  Jan 15 ) 

Schedule for the week of December 20

U13  - ISC Mt Laurel  - 12/20

8:00 AM Moorestown vs Mt Laurel

9:00 AM Haddonfield vs Cinnaminson 

10:00 AM Seneca vs Shamrocks 



U 15  - ISC Mt Laurel  - 12/20

8:30 PM  Haddon TWP VS Lightening 

9:30 PM Cinnaminson VS Haddonfield 


JV  -  ISC Cherry Hill  -  12/20

8:30 PM Haddonfield VS Thunder

9:30 PM Eastern VS Holy Cross

Session 2  - U11 Thru JV  - Registration Information

Registration open as of NOW.  Registration CLOSES 12/31/2014 @ 11:59PM .  If you register on or after 1/1/2015 a 25.00 Late fee will be charged per player. Register TODAY


Coaches if you wish to register as a team please contact CoachKurt@SJBBLL.COM


$1,500 for a team (that's 150 a player for a team of 10, $100 a player for a team of 15, $75 a player for a team of 20) Coaches are responsible for collecting dues from team


U11 Thursday's starting January 8 2015 :  5:00-600PM running for 8 weeks.   Format for U11 Is 30 minute clinic followed by 30 minute pick- up game.  Cost is $150.00 a player.  Space is limited for the youngest group of Box Lacrosse (40 Players only, first come first served)


U13 Saturday January 10, 2015 : 7:00-11:00AM Mt Laurel ISC

Starts January 10 Runs for 7 weeks.  Cost is  $150 a player or $1500 for a team.  Teams have a maximum roster of 20 players (Room for 8 teams)


U15 Saturday January 10, 2015 : 8:30-11:30PM Mt Laurel ISC

Starts January 10 Runs for 7 weeks.  Cost is $150 a player or $1500 for a team.  Teams have a maximum roster of 20 players (Room for 6 teams)


JV Saturday January 10, 2015 : 8:30-11:30PM Cherry Hill ISC

Starts January 10 Runs for 7 weeks.  Cost is $150 a player or $1500 for a team.  Teams have a maximum roster of 20 players

(Room for 6 teams)

Videos From the Paragon Phoenix weekend 2/22 & 2/23/14

Box Lacrosse Is Booming In US Whether You Like It Or Not

 Published December 2, 2014

 by  in BoxFeatured

Box lacrosse is booming in the US.

I’m not arguing that everyone everywhere is playing it, or that field lacrosse is fading to a secondary status, but box lacrosse is definitely moving on up in the world of United States lacrosse, and these last couple of years of action are only the beginning.

College Scorers Play Box Lacrosse

The first major hint that box lacrosse was set for a mini boom was the success that Canadian players were seeing at the D1 level. Initially, the focus was on the top scorers in D1 lacrosse, and for a couple of seasons this trend rolled on unabated. When you look at the 2008, 2009, and 2010 seasons, you see box guys all over the place. Although there was a slight dip in 2011, in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, at least 40% of the players in the top ten for goals per game still had a box background.

Fast forward to 2014 and 4 of the top 10 scorers are heavy box background guys, and when you look at the 11-20 spots on the goals per game list, 5 out of 10 of the players are still heavy box background guys. 9 out of 20 is still a lot of scoring talent to come from the box.

There used to be a debate as to whether box prepared you for field success. That debate is now settled. Box makes you a better field scorer.

Read more here

Box Lacrosse Gaining Popularity in the State of Hockey

"The handful of Minnesota Swarm players taking part in Wednesday's small practice session were a bit late to arrive, but the four Canadians had a good reason: they had to watch the second period of Canada's hockey game against Latvia in the Sochi Olympics.

Even among these professional lacrosse players, hockey still runs in their blood.

In a country where hockey dominates, lacrosse is a close second in Canada. Most kids who play hockey in the winter will make the transition to lacrosse in the summer after the hockey season is done. Now, the State of Hockey is seeing a similar trend as lacrosse is becoming a more popular sport.

Thanks in part to the Swarm's involvement in spreading the game, more and more Minnesotans are playing box -- or indoor -- lacrosse. It's the preferred version of the sport in Canada, and an increasing number of youth in Minnesota are making the transition from field lacrosse to box lacrosse."


Read more of the article here


Skills of box lacrosse as vital for success in world of NCAA lacrosse

“American field players would really help themselves if they were exposed to a steady stream of box experience.” – University of Virginia Head Coach, Dom Starsia


Even though field lacrosse purists continue to try, there’s no denying the impact of box lacrosse on the landscape of the sport as a whole. Box lacrosse players are consistently being recruited to play at the highest levels of collegiate field lacrosse, and with good reason. Box players bring a different skill set to the field game with superior stick skills, scoring ability and toughness.


Read more of the Article Here

High School Box Lacrosse Video

News Flash

Winter 2 Registration is NOW OPEN 


U11, U13, U15, JV & Varsity

Venue Location

ISC Mt Laurel 


ISC Cherry Hill


Choice Inline , Sewell NJ 


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