We will be playing modified Canadian Lacrosse Association – Youth Rules -  for this session.

  • Face off’s will be Standard
  • “Over and Back’s” will be called  ( taking the ball into the offensive side of the floor and back to the defensive side )
  • 10 seconds to advance the ball to the offensive side of the floor –
  • 30 Second shot clock 
  • Penalties in the 1,2, 3 minute and game ejection’s are applicable
  • Shots off the post or crossbar will result in a turn over if they travel out of play, or back to the defensive side of the playing surface ( over and back )


Game Time  -

  • 5 Minute warm up ;  (3) 12 Minute periods  - running clock,  1 Minute break between periods.



Full CLA Rule book is available here


Required equipment  


  • Helmet, gloves,shoulder pads,rib pads,bicep pads,mouth piece,cup,sneakers/basketball shoes.
  • Kidney Pads - different than rib pads, normally made of a hard composite material.
  • Upper Arm Pads also called "Slash gaurds"  - also made of a hard composite material. 


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