What People are saying about playing SJBBLL

Just wanted to say thanks for offering the winter session of SJBBLL in Mt. Laurel. 

Jack absolutely loved it and so did his teammates.  They learned some invaluable techniques and improved their skills games. 

Jack’s skill level has improved and it’s paying off on the outdoor field as well. 

Great league and instruction! 


John Trimble Monroe Lacrosse Boys Director 





Some in the Lacrosse community often say you either play box or you play field but not both, and that skills developed playing one, do not carry over to the other.  I strongly disagree.  Our lacrosse program is fairly new, and so are many of our players. Over the winter we had the opportunity to field a team to play in the SJBBLL, and let me say, I'm glad we did.  Not only did the kids have fun, they also learned another form of the game.  Their close quarters stick skills improved.  Their off-ball thinking and movement improved..  Their ability to play effective defense with a short stick improved.. As I watch some of the kids that played in SJBBLL out on the field this year, I can see the influence box had on them in the way they dodge, pick-n-roll, pass/catch, and shoot. Also what better way to keep their stick skills improving during the winter that doesn't have the parents and coaches out in the freezing cold! 


Thanks SJBBLL, this winter, we'll be back...


Eric Bickhart Sr

Haddon Township Lacrosse




I want to start by saying thank you for putting together such a fantastic program. I am really looking forward to seeing how the kids who played box transition to field. Already on my team the few players who participated you can see the difference on how they react to the ball and how quick they get rid of it and how quick they are on the field. Also how much more aggressive they are in protecting the net and keeping the offense away from the net for example riding the offense parallel to the sideline down the field. I am looking forward to the upcoming box season and will have a team ready to participate in SJBBLL.


Christopher Rodriguez 

Cinnaminson Lacrosse




I have coached field lacrosse for over 20 years. I have heard box lacrosse can significantly advance lacrosse skills for kids. We just finished U 13 and U 9 training with SJBBLL and it is TRUE. 

The improvement of stick work, lacrosse awareness, and learning to play in tight spaces, were evident with in weeks. The kids excelled in this unique environment.


I was appreciative that the games were fast and fun and focused on skill development. 


Can't wait until the fall for season 2.


Thank you for inviting Moorestown to the league.




Paul J. Gilhool





Both my U11 and U15 teams played in the SJBBLL for the first time this past winter, and it was a great experience. From a team and individual player development perspective I observed that the true box lacrosse format forced my players to improve their off-ball decision-making, passing and shooting on offense and to not rely on stick checking when playing defense. As a passionate coach, I’m thrilled to have a real box league here in South Jersey.


Coach Jay Winkler, Moorestown Lacrosse





“I have been coaching boys field lacrosse for 12 years and this fall I am coaching a indoor box lacrosse. This game has been a good learning experience for the players I coach and myself. The rules are different to enhance the style of the game. The game is fast and the players are experiencing a different level of play. All players have to play offense and defense. The play is in tight quarters and the players have to use good catching, throwing and dodging skills. 

 Overall a good experience for growing lacrosse players which will transcend over to the field in the Spring.”


Lee Robledo – Washington Township


This is our team’s first year playing box and I wish we would have started sooner. Tight spacing requires players to think fast, pass fast and work on foot speed. The fast paced action is also great for conditioning. Sign us up for the 2nd session.”


Chris Chiachetti - SJ Black Storm Lacrosse 



SJBBLL, thank you for organizing the youth box season this winter.  It is our boys first time playing box and the care you took assembling the league is creating a great experience for them.  They are having an absolute blast and learning a lot about the sport.  I can already see a vast difference in their play after just four games:  on D, the kids are getting in much better at positioning their bodies and riding hips, and our offense is honing their off ball movement and stick protection.  Most important, the rules and refs are keeping the games safe and under complete control. 


Parents and athletes who have not yet been a part of a box league should seriously considering joining for the next session.  You will have a fun and exciting season that will definitely raise you Lacrosse IQ.”


Gene (Skip) Venuto - Mount Laurel Lacrosse;  Crease Monkeys Lacrosse



"This was my team's first exposure to true box lacrosse.  The players quickly needed to adjust the fast-paced, intense nature of the game.  I have no doubt the athletes who participated learned some valuable skills they can take to the field and raise their game."



Jeff Burbank – Clearview Lacrosse



“This is a great opportunity to develop lacrosse players for the outside game. It's a faster pace and forces players to react. It speeds up hand-eye coordination. The forced high pace gives the boys great cardio with the 30 second shot clock pushing them. I highly recommend it. SJBBLL is awesome.”



Michael DiMarco Egg Harbor Twp. PAL Lacrosse Board Member U13 Coach



"I highly suggest coaches take the opportunity to watch some youth and HS box lacrosse if you haven’t done so already!

Has to be one of the best off season activities for boys to do preparing for high school and college careers.

The game really emphasizes and magnifies so many of the skills and game IQ we teach on the field in the spring time.  Things like game speed, clock awareness, ball movement and of course conditioning just to name a few.  Come check it out!"


Coach Steel
Head Coach – Holy Cross High School



“I have been coaching lacrosse for 10 years.  SJBBLL has done a great job organizing a true box lacrosse league.  This was my teams first experience with a box league.  We have played in leagues that called themselves a box league but just played on a field indoors.  It was just field lacrosse inside not a true box style of play.  Being in a rink really makes the athletes perform at a faster pace, there is no place to hide.  This creates better stick skills and forces everyone to play defense.  Using Canadian rules allowed for a safe and controlled environment.  I know once we get outside, we will have an advantage from playing all winter in this fast pace, tight spaces box league.  If your team is not in this league you are at a disadvantage and are really missing out.  Kudos to Kurt and the rest of the organization for bringing true box lacrosse to our area.  I can't say enough good things about SJBBLL!  You guys rock!!!”


Ralph Bagnato


EHT PAL Lacrosse





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